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If you are charged with a traffic infraction:

* Keep all the papers mailed to you from the police and from the court.

* Write down every detail of the encounter from beginning to end while it is still fresh in your mind. Include what you were doing and where you were going before being pulled over, when you were pulled over, witness contact information, how many police officers were there, whether and when you were read your rights, and so on. Keep an honest account and put in as much detail as possible.

* If you want to fight the charge, consult a lawyer as soon as possible. Many times a charge can be reduced or dismissed outright. An experienced traffic attorney can work with you to reduce the amount of fines owed, save your driver’s license, or even keep you out of jail. 

The information provided here is meant to be general and instructional, and does not constitute legal advice. For specific consideration of your individual circumstances, please consult a local attorney.